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Your Red Door Host

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Hello I am Nicola your Host & Owner, 

I hold a Associate Degree in dental hygiene and have a detailed background in the consulting and managing of similar business types. In keeping with family generations before me; I started my first business in my early twenties renovating and developing houses as my first successful business venture. After finishing my Degree I went on to work at several successful orthodontic practices. I am usually the one checking you in, and handles each guest throughout their stay. 


"When I set off to begin my own establishment I knew I wanted to do something different. Something that gave me a sense of joy and proudness; something along the line of an establishment that enhances a visit to this special part of the world. By offering unique accommodations, in the form of a lodge I was able to achieve this goal.

Another way I do this is by trying to offer consistent person-ability, and a homely atmosphere. When you arrive at Red Door Lodge - do not expect a hotel atmosphere, but instead a home to call your own when visiting Japan."

I love what I do! I call it my Labour of Love. I live a very simple life and value it this way. My wealth comes from how I feel about my Lodge. 

The saying is true that when you find something you love to do and, at the same time make a living from it; life becomes simplified and happier. The best feeling is that you do not feel like you are working."



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